Posted by: prairiethoughts | December 9, 2009

More “Hide The Decline” From NASA GISS

This is why real scientists share their data, algorithms and code for peer review, to ensure there is no crazy fudging of data. More and more people are out looking at the raw temperature record and comparing it to the man-made global warming (AGW) alarmists’ ‘adjusted’ data and discovering the same pattern. This time it comes from Brisbane Australia:

The pattern emerging is one of alarmists having to ‘adjust’ the data because it shows there is no man-made warming, per their own highly vaunted climate models. The same models that have produced all the dire predictions of pending doom.

One thing you NEVER do in science is ‘adjust’ the data to meet your desired outcome. And one thing you also NEVER do is trust those whose careers and credibility rest on producing a desired outcome to do the verification and validation of their own theories.

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